This book exposes the evidence which supports the use of alternative therapies, which so many of us have been led to believe doesn’t exist.

David has a PhD in organic chemistry and spent 4 years in the pharmaceutical industry, developing drugs for cardiovascular disease and cancer. Inspired by the placebo effect, he left the industry to write books and educate people in how they can harness their mind and emotions to improve their health. He is now author of 11 books, including, ‘The Little Book of Kindness’, ‘How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body’, ‘I Heart Me’ and the Amazon bestseller, ‘The Five Side Effects of Kindness’. David is an advocate for kindness and is working passionately to help inspire a kinder world.

He is one of the few scientists with the credentials, curiosity and courage to question the conventional and help us find the true amid the woo! to us separate the woo-woo from the true-woo!


This statistic most definitely aligns with my experience working in A+E for the last 16 years. What people need are ways to manage their stress more effectively, not a prescription from a doctor.

And although it is encouraging to read about the rise of complementary therapies being offered in some prestigious American university hospitals, more work needs to be done to make access to these treatments more mainstream. This would not only benefit millions of people, but would also provide some relief for our overstretched healthcare service affording them the time and cost to focus on those that actually need medical expertise.


For any type of therapy, whether drug or alternative, scientific studies tend to try and identify what works. This is called the active ingredient, and to identify it, scientists remove any other factor that might be contributing to the outcome.

The only notion we have had for the last century or so has been that the only active ingredients that we should be considering are chemical. But complementary therapies have active ingredients too, only not in the chemical sense, unless they are herbal, Chinese, or Ayurvedic medicines.

If research is done on alternative therapies we need to consider all of these factors when designing the study so that all factors are controlled for – which makes blinding and therefore validity difficult.

And let’s hope more high quality studies are done so we can continue to learn and understand the benefit from holistic healthcare.

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And to listen to the conversation I have with Dr David Hamilton to discuss this book – tune in on 15th November 2021 on IGTV live.


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