Today, on the final episode of Season 1, I am talking to Jason Grechanik.  Jason has been on a journey which has led him around the world in search of questions he has had about life.  I met him in Peru, at the Temple of the Way of The Light – an Ayahuasca Healing Retreat Centre, where Jason has been living, learning, and working for the last seven years.

After a long apprenticeship and training, involving prolonged isolation, fasting, and dieting of plants he was given the blessing to lead ceremonies himself and he facilitated some of the ceremonies I have had the privilege to be a part of.  I wanted to interview Jason today for some wisdom.  I, like so many of us, have been struggling to gain perspective at times during this pandemic.  Being an A+E doctor, and working on the frontline of this pandemic.  I am all too familiar with the effect this virus has on the body. And the impact of the lockdown on our minds.  But it has been harder for me to make sense of it on a more spiritual level.  What this all means for us as a collective.  What are the learnings we need to take from this experience?  Is this natures’ way of taking back control?  Forcing us to relinquish ours?  Is this a struggle between institutional control and personal power?  The economy and our health.  The masculine and feminine.  This feels like an Ayahuasca ceremony in real life. And I am turning to Jason for guidance. 

To learn more about Jason’s work check out his amazing podcast:

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