Today’s episode is a seeker story with Janine Begley who is sharing her journey with Lichen Planus. Lichen planus is a rare chronic inflammatory disease affecting the skin and is thought to be auto-immune in nature. The trigger for outbreaks are unclear and may be viral. And this podcast is by no means to replace medical advice – please see a dermatologist if you have been diagnosed with this condition. We are sharing Janine’s story to give hope and inspiration to anyone suffering from a similar disease and who wants to explore a more holistic approach.

Janine describes her symptoms and diagnosis as a wake-up call and even sees it as a gift that gave her an opportunity to slow down and take an honest look at her life. When first diagnosed she was prescribed several steroid creams to ease her symptoms. Although she was grateful to have a break from her symptoms, Janine knew it wasn’t going to be sustainable to be on all those creams and began a journey to seek out holistic ways to help heal her Lichen Planus.

Listen in as Janine and I discuss the healing journey she has been on and how taking a deep look into her life from a body, mind, and soul perspective led her to cut out alcohol, find a coach, and have a more integrative approach to her health.

Social Links for Janine:

Instagram – @janine_ngaio

Resources mentioned in the podcast:

 Gabor Mate – “When the Body Says No”:


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