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Ellie Grace is a trauma informed yoga educator with an MA in Yoga Studies – who lectures medical undergraduates in the neurophysiology of yoga to nurture their personal development and prevent burnout – which has never been more important. Doctors are experiencing workplace burnout at the highest ever levels recorded, with findings from the regulator’s […]

Tanya Cole-Lesnick is a psychotherapist, licensed clinical social worker, and personal development coach who is focused on helping people clear their energetic clutter to pursue a life that honors their truest selves.  Tanya really believes in the power of the group in the work she does – which is what I want to talk to […]

Sophie Barrett was a herbalist before she started working for Hifas da Terra – an exciting biotech company focused on R&D of nutraceuticals from medicinal mushrooms such as cordeceps, reishi and lions mane exploring their role in the treatment of mental health disorders, gut health, and cancer. But what makes Hifas da Terra stand out […]

Dr. Liam LaTouche is a naturopathic doctor who works with individuals who experience conditions that have been difficult to diagnose and treat in conventional settings. He has a particular interest in chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia and has a deep appreciation for integrative and personalized care. Dr. Liam likes to combine traditional and conventional medicine to […]

Has there ever been a greater need for integrative care than right now? Today, we have Beena Patel here to share with us her healing journey with an integrative approach. Beena is a physician assistant of oncology at some of the top cancer institutions in New York City. Having had cancer herself at the tender […]

Barb Hawken is the go-to menopause fitness coach, helping women in midlife feel strong and sexy again, she believes making simple tweaks in the kitchen and the gym can cause their health to improve, and their confidence to soar! As an AFPA Functional Sports Trainer, mother of 4 boys, and a menopausal woman who struggles […]

Today, we welcome Santa as a part of our Seeker Story series. This a series that is designed to explore the experiences of seekers, people who have been looking for alternative therapies to try, because they have bumped up against the limits of the modern medical system. Santa was diagnosed with CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), […]

This is part two of my conversation with Sarah Weiler. In this episode I share a personal coaching session I had with Sarah on her podcast, Knowing When To Quit. We dive deep into my limiting beliefs, internal conflicts, and outright frustrations that have been keeping me stuck and unsure of whether I want to […]

I’m here to introduce you to a different sort of episode this week – which has a part one – which is what you will hear today – and a part two – released to you next week. Because I want to start sharing with you a little bit more personal and let you know […]







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