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Today, we welcome Santa as a part of our Seeker Story series. This a series that is designed to explore the experiences of seekers, people who have been looking for alternative therapies to try, because they have bumped up against the limits of the modern medical system. Santa was diagnosed with CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), […]

This is part two of my conversation with Sarah Weiler. In this episode I share a personal coaching session I had with Sarah on her podcast, Knowing When To Quit. We dive deep into my limiting beliefs, internal conflicts, and outright frustrations that have been keeping me stuck and unsure of whether I want to […]

I’m here to introduce you to a different sort of episode this week – which has a part one – which is what you will hear today – and a part two – released to you next week. Because I want to start sharing with you a little bit more personal and let you know […]

Natasha de Grunwald has been connected to the well-being space for over 40 years, as a certified breathwork facilitator, mentor, and founder of the toxic released method. It’s this methodology that I really want to talk to her about today. Natasha first got into breathwork when her dad passed away 4 years ago. She found […]

What is a Psychic Psychologist? I am excited to introduce you to Amanda Charles, who explains exactly how she became a Psychic Psychologist. Amanda has one foot firmly rooted in the world of science and the other connected to the more ethereal, energetic realms, being both a practicing psychologist – and a psychic. She has […]

I want to welcome back Avi Schembi. Avi is an Ayurvedic consultant in training. She is passionate about helping people heal their ailments and reach optimal health and happiness through Ayurveda. Last time she was on the podcast, Avi introduced us to the concepts within Ayurveda as a health system, and now I am calling on […]

How do you view death and grief? Today, I am lucky to be joined by Christina Watson, who shares her perspective on death and grief. Christina wears many hats. She is a creative facilitator and worked in the charity sector, but I have brought her onto this podcast to talk about death because Christina wants […]

It is not often that we hear nutrition, astrology, and period cycles in the same sentence. Today I am excited to be joined by Charmaine Kong, who is a Holistic nutritionist & body astrologer, helping women recognize their period problems and guiding them to heal their bodies with astrology and holistic nutrition & lifestyle practices […]

Today I am joined by Amy Simpson, the founder of the Mind Body Baby Method who works with women to prepare their bodies, minds, and souls for the transition into motherhood.  Many women struggle with believing their bodies are broken if they are having difficulty conceiving, and the medical system can perpetuate that belief. Amy […]







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