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It is not often that we hear nutrition, astrology, and period cycles in the same sentence. Today I am excited to be joined by Charmaine Kong, who is a Holistic nutritionist & body astrologer, helping women recognize their period problems and guiding them to heal their bodies with astrology and holistic nutrition & lifestyle practices […]

Today I am joined by Amy Simpson, the founder of the Mind Body Baby Method who works with women to prepare their bodies, minds, and souls for the transition into motherhood.  Many women struggle with believing their bodies are broken if they are having difficulty conceiving, and the medical system can perpetuate that belief. Amy […]

This is a re-run of an episode that I put out a couple of years ago. I want to share it – because I think it is such valuable content to hear at this time of year, as we are making our New Year resolutions. Jaime Booth Jenkins is a behaviour change specialist, who lives in […]

What does it mean to work holistically with someone? Today I am joined by Dr. Robert Ciprian and he breaks down the 4 pillars of holistic health. Dr. Robert is the author of Heal Profoundly: A Graffiti Thug’s Transformation to Holistic Doctor, an autobiography that tells the story of his spiritual journey from being a […]

Today’s episode is a seeker story with Janine Begley who is sharing her journey with Lichen Planus. Lichen planus is a rare chronic inflammatory disease affecting the skin and is thought to be auto-immune in nature. The trigger for outbreaks are unclear and may be viral. And this podcast is by no means to replace […]

Are you one of the many who have tried dieting to lose weight and it just doesn’t seem to work? Many of us have been in the vicious cycle of dieting and today I am thrilled to be joined by Camille Martin, as she helps us dive deep into loving our life and losing weight. […]

Can Ayahuasca benefit your grieving process? Today I am thrilled to introduce you to  Débora Gonzales, a leading researcher into the effects of Ayahuasca on the grieving process. She earned her degree in psychology from the Autonomous University of Madrid and later she earned a PhD. in pharmacology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. She […]

Have you ever heard of Myofascial Release? You are not alone if you haven’t and that is why I’m so excited to be welcoming Julie McCammon on the podcast today to share her Seeker Story. A story she has beautifully and generously written about in her book – Finding Mystery Within. This book documents her […]

Love creates love! Today, I am joined by the wonderful Gayle Berry. Gayle is an author, a teacher, and the founder of Blossom & Berry – an organization to teach love to parents and babies across the world through baby massage and yoga because love creates love! Gayle is teaching parents, around the world, to be […]







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